Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tale of a Blue Egger Silkie Mama

This silkie-mama is amazing.  She not only cares for tons of babies at once, but she also lays blue eggs!  We got her originally from Dipsy Doodle Doo on the Backyard Chicken Forum.  She calls the history of the blue-egg-silkies a "happy accident".  She got a silkie-feathered Ameraucana (Easter Egger) from a hatchery in 2005, and then put that hen in with the silkies, and over the years with the hens breeding to purebred silkies, she got these silkie-feather-blue-eggers.  We love her!  She is the best mama ever to all her babies, as they all try to squeeze under her at night (often we just see baby-bottoms sticking out from under her).  We move her and the babies to the garage at night for safety.

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