Monday, June 20, 2011

Help stop the cruelty

My daughters and I decided to make a chicken blog to encourage other families to keep chickens also.  Treatment of commercial egg-laying chickens is truly horrific, and all the baby boy chickens are killed at birth since they don't lay eggs.  I truly believe if every family can keep even 1 chicken as a pet, they would never again buy eggs from the store, because they would realize a chicken is no different than a sweet pet dog or cat.  Even cage-free and organic chickens suffer cruel mutilation and pain by being de-beaked, overcrowding, etc, and the millions of baby boys are still killed at the hatcheries (yes even with organic eggs).  The baby boys of the egg-laying breeds cannot be profitably raised for meat, in competition with "meat-chickens" that overtook the market.  Just like many issues throughout human history (slavery for example), people generally ignore what others are also ignoring.  More of us need to take up this fight!  Chickens have emotions such as fear, excitement, and friendship.  They make ideal pets and we hope our dream will someday come true, where you walk into the supermarket and there are no eggs there.  And restaurants will stop serving eggs too because people will associate eggs with severe cruelty.  Watch the videos and undercover investigations by, and you'll get a glimpse of what I'm talking about.  We are not vegetarians ourselves, but we only eat eggs from our own chickens.  We raise all the sweetie-boy roosters to a minimum age of 6 months, compared to meat chickens slaughtered at 8 wks old (just babies even though they look bigger).  You can raise roosters in your backyard because they don't crow until they're older.  We had chickens in suburbia ourselves, even in a restricted neighborhood.  We just talked to our neighbors about it and they agreed it was a good idea, and chickens do not smell or make much noise either (especially compared to neighborhood dogs!)

We love roosters!

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