Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tiny Cochin - 2 months old

One of the cochin bantam chicks isn't growing like the others.  I assume it will die at some point, but if not, it will become my niece's pet next Spring.  In the pictures below, it's the one that still looks like a chick even at 2 months old! In the first photo, the chick is on the right (white w/ black wing feathers), with one if its siblings on the left.  It still only has a few wing feathers, compared to the siblings that have feathers all over now.
The chick is on the left getting a drink, with the siblings on the right eating.
In this last photo, there is a younger chick standing in front of the cochin.  The younger bird is only a few weeks old and already outgrew the little cochin.