Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Serama and silkie babies

Most of these babies are 3 weeks old, with a few that are older (up to 3 months old).  The silkie-mama takes care of them and they follow her into the coop at night (this small temporary coop just sits on the ground with the entrance only 2 inches high, so the babies can jump in there).
The bigger chick is a Speckled Sussex next to the tiny seramas.
Behind the baby fence is a young midget-white turkey.  They like to jump up on our laps (and shoulders!)

Here they are eating.  We feed them organic starter feed from Coyote Creek Organic in Elgin, TX.  Thanks Coyote Creek!  Our own creek should be named Coyote Creek too, because coyotes hunt in large packs along the creek behind our house.  We learned the hard way that all farm animals have to be securely locked up at night due to the coyotes and other predators.  The bobcats, foxes, and hawks still take plenty in daytime, but at least we can stop the night-time attacks by having the animals sleep in secure wood structures.  Some people near us have dogs that guard their animals in the day, but the dogs have to be trained for watching birds without killing them.  

 The bigger chick below is a black copper marans (posing as godzilla)

The little black hen is almost 3 months old now.  We love seramas - so cute and tiny!

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